Pexip Infinity is a unique system of videoconferencing

Pexip Infinity is a scalable meeting platform that connects virtually any communications tool, such as Microsoft Lync, and traditional video- and audio conferencing together for a seamless meeting experience.

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Imagicle is a new quality of familiar things

Extend existing telephony systems, video conferencing or contact center unique and useful additional functions with Imagicle Application Suite

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Still unique video Skype gateway

Skype world stepped billion abroad users! Add them to your video or telephony infrastructure via the gateway SkyStone Audio / Video Gateway

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The control system PBX Asterisk

Asteraid it is a redundancy and fault-tolerance management  system for Asterisk network with fully automated procedure of creating and managing connections between njdes, and procedures of adding new nodes. The network of PBX’s operates as a single object!

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  • SaaS and SoD
    Contact center, video conferencing services, digital marketing platform
  • Videoconferencing
    Pexip and Avaya the best solutions of videoconferencing
  • 📞
    Asteraid and AVAYA PBX any size
  • Unified communications
    Unified Communications from Imagicle and Avaya
  • Call-center and PBX
    Additional functionality to the PBX and contact center
  • Peripheral equipment
    Our vendors Plantronics, Microsoft, AVAYA, TelyHD
  • Skype Gateway
    The gateway for connecting Skype to the PBX and videoconferencing systems

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