Avaya Aura® Platform

Avaya Aura®

The communications infrastructure for people-centric collaboration
Faced with growing user demands for information access—and a huge proliferation in the number of systems, networks, applications and devices—enterprise communications architectures are rapidly growing in cost and complexity.
In many cases they have evolved into unwieldy, inflexible structures that are costly to maintain and difficult to adapt in today’s fluid, fast-paced, business environment.
Avaya addresses this growing challenge through Avaya Aura®, a breakthrough, real time communications architecture using session-based collaboration technologies. Instead of adding complexity or requiring a wholesale forklift from existing solutions, Avaya Aura simultaneously simplifies and creates an evolutionary path from today’s single-purpose, siloed, locationspecific communications systems.
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Engagement Development Platform
Avaya Engagement Development Platform: Driving a breakthrough in communications-enabled applications.
Accelerating trends in mobility, social networking and cloud computing have created a highly connected world with a super abundance of information, but for many enterprises key challenges remain: how do they make that information actionable to drive their objectives forward, accelerate decision making and show greater responsiveness to customers?
Avaya Engagement Development Platform provides the solution. It allows enterprises to develop applications tailored to their individual needs, creating differentiated value with existing investments.
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